4-Channel Smart Phone Kit (Dimmable)

Price (ex VAT)£408.00


• 4 Channels
• Switching & Dimming with smooth on/off
• Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
• iSymphony App compatible
• 9x Smart timers
• Expandable


Everything you need to control your dimmable lighting using your smart phone app / tablet from anywhere in the world. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible. 9x smart timers which can automatically adjust to Dusk and Dawn time throughout the year.

Kit includes a Smart Timer and an IP66 rated 4-Channel Lighting Controller.

Connect any 12V or 230V lighting or colour LEDs (RGB/W) via a suitable DMX driver. Can also be used for larger loads such as heaters, pumps or lighting over 500Watts via a suitable contactor. Each channel can be indivdually set as dimmable or swicthed, to suit all LED and load types.

Can be expanded with Light Symphony's other modules; wireless switches, keyfobs, PIRs, or more channels etc.

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Note - For programming, the lighting controller must be in Wi-Fi range of your router. This kit does not include a smartphone or tablet.

Item No. LSi4SKIT

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